Where To Buy Chance The Rapper’s Teal Track Jacket From Special Olympics Anniversary Concert


Chance The Rapper rocked a teal and pink wind jacket during his Special Olympics 50th Anniversary Concert Celebration. It is from Opening Ceremony and it is on sale for $165. You can buy it here.



North Coast Music Festival Announces Its 2018 Line Up


Summer officially closes out with North Coast’s Labor Day Weekend festival. This weekend includes a mix of R&B, rap and EDM. I’m most excited about Miguel, dvsn and Cashmere Cat. Miguel is of course a big get for a festival, and I think is a great live performer. I feel like both dvsn and Cashmere Cat are underrated and I would love to see them live.

Get tickets to the festival here.

My Lolla 2018 Schedule



Thu 08/02/18 5:15 PM – Jaden Smith, American Eagle

Thu 08/02/18 5:45 PM – BILLIE EILISH, Tito’s Handmade Vodka

Thu 08/02/18 6:45 PM – KHALID, Bud Light

Thu 08/02/18 6:50 PM – Madison Beer, BMI

Thu 08/02/18 7:45 PM – A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, American Eagle

Thu 08/02/18 7:45 PM – Camila Cabello, Lake Shore

Thu 08/02/18 8:30 PM – TRAVIS SCOTT, Bud Light

Highlight of the day:


I’ve been trying to see him perform several times and keep missing it, so I’m excited for him to play songs off American Teen and his several collabs.

Song I Hope Is Performed:



Fri 08/03/18 12:50 PM – Clairo, American Eagle

Fri 08/03/18 2:30 PM – Taylor Bennett, Perry’s

Fri 08/03/18 3:30 PM – Bebe Rexha, Lake Shore

Fri 08/03/18 4:30 PM – TYLER, THE CREATOR, Grant Park

Fri 08/03/18 5:30 PM – Alina Baraz, Lake Shore

Fri 08/03/18 6:45 PM – Post Malone, Bud Light

Fri 08/03/18 7:45 PM – BROCKHAMPTON, American Eagle

Fri 08/03/18 8:30 PM – BRUNO MARS, Grant Park

Highlight Of The Day:

Alina Baraz

While I’m sure Bruno will put on a great show, I’m looking forward to up-and-comer Alina Baraz’s set. I’ve been loving her EP, The Color of You.

Song I Hope Is Performed:

“I Don’t Even Know Why Though”


Sat 08/04/18 4:45 PM – LL COOL J, Bud Light

Sat 08/04/18 5:15 PM – GOLDLINK, American Eagle

Sat 08/04/18 5:30 PM – Carly Rae Jepsen, Lake Shore

Sat 08/04/18 6:30 PM – Daniel Caesar, American Eagle

Sat 08/04/18 6:30 PM – Logic, Grant Park

Sat 08/04/18 7:30 PM – Dua Lipa, Lake Shore

Sat 08/04/18 8:30 PM – THE WEEKND, Grant Park

Highlight Of The Day:

The Weeknd

Saturday, in my opinion, is the best day. It was hard to pick a highlight, but I’ve seen The Weeknd live before and with his massive catalog of hits, this will be the highlight of Lolla.

Song I Hope Is Performed:

“Crew Love”


Sun 08/05/18 2:50 PM – Jessie Reyez, American Eagle

Sun 08/05/18 3:30 PM – KALI UCHIS, Lake Shore

Sun 08/05/18 4:00 PM – Knox Fortune, American Eagle

Sun 08/05/18 4:30 PM – Lykke Li, Grant Park

Sun 08/05/18 5:00 PM – Gucci Mane, Bud Light

Sun 08/05/18 7:00 PM – Lil Uzi Vert, Bud Light

Sun 08/05/18 9:00 PM – Playboi Carti, American Eagle

Highlight Of The Day:

Overall seems like a pretty chill day. I’ve heard good things about Kali Uchi so I’m looking forward to checking her out the most.

Songs I Hope Is Performed:

Her part on “Get You,” but would love to be introduced to new music.

Nicki Minaj and Future Announce Joint Tour: NICKIHNDRXX

In anticipation of the August 10 release of her new album, Queen, Nicki Minaj announced a joint tour with Future. Nicki hasn’t been on tour since 2015-2016 for The Pinkprint Tour, so it is exciting to see what she does. Nicki will also be headlining the Made In America festival this year with Post Malone.  Future is new stranger to joint tour, he went on the Summer ’16 with Drake two summers ago.

Check out the dates above.

All The Surprise Acoustic Songs On Taylor Swift’s reputation Tour (So Far) and Suggested Songs She Should Play

Taylor Swift likes to give her fans a little surprise during each concert. The 1989 tour was known for its surprise guests during “Style,” but the reputation tour is known for its surprise acoustic song during each show. Below is a running lists of songs that have been performed thus far, and some suggestions for new songs to add to the list.

Saturday Night Live - Season 43

“All Too Well”-Red
Glendale, Ariz., May 8;

“Wildest Dreams”-1989
Santa Clara, Calif., May 11

“The Best Day”-Fearless
Santa Clara, Calif., May 12

Pasadena, Calif., May 18

“All Too Well”-Red
Pasadena, Calif., May 19

“Holy Ground”-Red
Seattle, Wash., May 22

“Teardrops on My Guitar”-Taylor Swift
Denver, Colo., May 25

“Our Song”-Taylor Swift
Chicago, June 1

Chicago, June 2

“I Knew You Were Trouble.”-Red
Manchester, England, June 8

“I Don’t Wanna Live Forever”-50 Shades Darker Soundtrack
Manchester, England June 9

“Mean”-Speak Now
Dublin, Ireland June 15

“How You Get The Girl”-1989
Dublin, Ireland June 16

“So It Goes…”-reputation
London, England June 22

London, England June 23

“Mine”-Speak Now
Louisville, Kentucky June 30

“Sparks Fly”-Speak Now
Columbus, Ohio July 7

“State of Grace”-Red
Landover, Maryland July 11
*Also played “So It Goes..” instead of “Dancing With Our Hands Tied”

“Never Grow Up”-Speak Now
Philadelphia, PA July 13

Philadelphia, PA July 14
*Also played “So It Goes..” instead of “Dancing With Our Hands Tied”

“Babe”-Sugarland single
Cleveland, OH July 17

“Welcome To New York”-1989
East Rutherford, NJ July 20

East Rutherford, NJ July 21

“Enchanted”-Speak Now
East Rutherford, NJ July 21
*Also played “So It Goes..” instead of “Dancing With Our Hands Tied”

Foxborough, MA July 26
Foxborough, MA July 27
“Ours”-Speak Now (Deluxe Edition)
Foxborough, MA July 28
*Also played “So It Goes..” instead of “Dancing With Our Hands Tied”
“Out Of The Woods” –1989
Toronto, ON August 3
“Come Back…Be Here”-Red (Deluxe Edition)
Toronto, ON August 4
*Also played “So It Goes..” instead of “Dancing With Our Hands Tied”
“A Place In This World”-Taylor Swift
Pittsburgh, PA August 7
“This Love”-1989
Atlanta, GA August 10
“The Lucky One”-Red
Atlanta, GA August 11
“Invisible”-Taylor Swift
Tampa, FL August 14
Miami Gardens, FL August 18
“Better Man”-Little Big Town cover (she wrote the song)
*also performed “Tim McGraw” with a full band with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill
Nashville, TN August 25
“Jump Then Fall”-Fearless (Platinum Edition)
Detroit, MI August 28
“Begin Again”-Red
Minneapolis, MN August 31
“Tied Together With A Smile”-Taylor Swift
*Also played “So It Goes..” instead of “Dancing With Our Hands Tied”
Minneapolis, MN September 1
“The Story of Us”-Speak Now
Kansas City, MO September 8
“Forever & Always”-Fearless
Indianapolis, IN September 15
“Hey Stephen”-Fearless
St. Louis, MO September 18
“Speak Now”-Speak Now
New Orleans, LA September 22
“Wonderland”-1989 (Deluxe Edition)
Houston, TX September 29
“White Horse”-Fearless
Arlington, TX October 5
“All Too Well”-Red
Arlington, TX October 6
“I Knew You Were Trouble.”-Red
Perth, Australia October 19
“I’m Only Me When I’m With You”-Taylor Swift
Melbourne, Australia October 26
Sydney, Australia November 2
Brisbane, Australia November 6
“Out Of The Woods”-1989
Auckland, New Zealand November 9
“I Know Places”-1989
Tokyo, Japan November 20
“Wildest Dreams”-1989
*Also played “So It Goes..” instead of “Dancing With Our Hands Tied”
Tokyo, Japan November 20

Songs by Album, So Far

Taylor Swift-7 (counting “Tim McGraw,” which was not acoustic)


Speak Now-8

Red-11 (Not counting “All Too Well” or “22” three times or “I Knew You Were Trouble” twice)

1989-7 (Not counting “Out Of The Woods” or “Wildest Dreams” twice)



Songs That Should Be Added To The Set

“I Almost Do”Red

While everyone applauds “All Too Well” as Red’s saddest moment, I find “I Almost Do” as the underrated ruby of Red. The sadness of reminiscing about a lost love while also letting it go because it would hurt too much to try again is vulnerable Taylor at her best.




“Breathe”Fearless (Finally played August 18!)

Many below think this song is about a romantic relationship, its actually about the end of a friendship.  A different territory for Taylor that should be highlighted during her concert.






“Enchanted”Speak Now (Finally played July 22!)

What I love about this song is the journey that it takes you on. You feel that you are on the date that this song is inspired by, and I’ve always confused about why this song wasn’t a single.



“Everything Has Changed”Red

The song is meant to be played on a guitar, and I feel like it will fit into the quiet, low key moment that the acoustic set is. Bonus points if she brings Ed Sheeran out for it.





“Hey Stephen”-Fearless (Finally played September 18!)

I always thought this was a adorable song, and I think it would be cute for the audience to sing along with the humming.

Camila Cabello is also a fan of this song, talking to TRL that it is a song that soundtracked her life.








Top Aftershows To Check Out For Lollapalooza 2018



Known for soundtracking Summer 2017 with his single “Crew,” GoldLink would be a great hip-hop show to burn off more energy after the festival or a great jumping off point if you weren’t at the Lolla and looking to start of the night with a hype show.

Carly Rae Jepsen:

Carly is a new addition to the Lolla lineup after replacing Jessie Ware who had scheduling issues, so it is even more exciting that she is having an after show. Carly was amazing at 2016 Pitchfork Music Festival and while a casual listener could go to listen to “Call Me Maybe” you should definitely see her perform songs off Emotions live. Here’s hoping she has new music to premiere by then too.

Alina Baraz

Alina was on my list for acts that I wanted to do an after show, so I’m glad she is on the list. While her most popular song “Electric” with Khalid, I’m most looking forward to her performing her solo song “I Don’t Even Know Why Though.”

You can buy tickets for all of the after shows now here.

Things To Know Before Going To A Music Festival

Whether you’re a festival veteran or you are going to your first one, it is important to be more than prepared. Here are some tips to get you through the long, fun day.

Drink a lot of water before you go

It important to stay hydrated, and that is before you even get to the festival grounds. Drink a lot of water for a few days before the actual festival to be prepared.

Only bring the essentials

Theft can happen. Also, you will be out all day and don’t want to be carrying a heavy load. Only bring what you need for the day

  • Sealed water bottles, but also a refillable water bottle, preferably one you wear on the wrist.
  • Bring a packable raincoat or poncho
  • Wetwipes and hand sanitizer-The porta potties will run out of toilet paper and hand sanitizer before the end of the night. Avoid these awkward moments by bring your own backup.
  • Phone charger-Your battery dies quicker because it is going to be constantly searching for services in the crowded area. Have a portable charger that can at least charge your phone once.
  • ID, $20 cash and Debit/Credit Card-Some things are cash only, but you don’t want too much that you lose something you can’t replace.

When buying merchandise, opt for the sweatshirt

You probably aren’t going to wear a t-shirt again; the sizing is weird and sometimes logos don’t integrate well into your wardrobe. You can wear a sweatshirt during the cool night sets, and you’re most likely to wear a sweatshirt to lounge around or keep cozy for quite some time after the festival.

Have paper schedule or screenshot on phone

While most festivals have an app, it will be hard to check during the festival do the the bad service. Screenshot the schedule and have it as your phone background, or carry around the paper schedule

For a big show, head over early

For huge acts, some people will be camping near the stage all day. Head over 30 minutes before for a good view

For the best view, side of stage or back of the crowd are the best places

A lot of people will be front and center, but the side of the stage will be less crowded and you could be relatively close to the stage. Another great view is in the back. You can see the whole stage, the screen and it is less crowded.

Do you have any tips to have a successful festival experience?

Four Female Acts To Check Out At Lollapalooza 2018


Lollapalooza caught a lot of flack this year by not having any female headliners (the first female’s name, St. Vincent, doesn’t appear until the fourth line of the poster). However, while many people will flock to see female acts like Camila Cabello and Dua Lipa, there are some other female acts further down the poster that should definitely be checked out.

Sabrina Claudio

I spoke about Sabrina Claudio earlier in Acts Should Do A Lollapalooza After Show. I think she is going to be one of those acts that will be big and you wish you were at her Lolla set before other’s put you on to her. This is probably one of the sets I’m most excited for.

Lykke Li

Okay, I admit I’m not super cool and I first heard about Lykke Li after Drake sampled her on “Little Bit” on So Far Gone. But I have since heard other songs from her and I think she will have an edgy set that will differentiate herself from a lot of the pop and rock acts that are playing the festival.

Alina Baraz

I had only heard of Alina Baraz after someone told me that they were excited to see her at Lolla. After checking her out, she’s definitely the brand of drowsy, moody R&B that I love and will be great for chilling during an afternoon set.

Jessie Reyez

Jessie Reyez is one of the unsung heroes in the music industry; she cowrote many of the songs on Calvin Harris’ “Funk Wav Bounces Vol 1.” I loved her solo song “Hard To Love” that closed out the album, so I’m very much looking forward to her set.


Acts That Should Do A Lollapalooza 2018 After Show


Lollapalooza released its lineup for the 2018 festival. While many are complaining about the high price of the ticket, which usually sell out before the line-up is announced (not this year though), you can still get your Lolla fix for a cheaper cost with their after shows around the city. Below are five acts that would be a great fit for an after show.

Sabrina Claudio

Her brand of R&B and sultry voice would be a great fit or a smaller venue at night. The acoustic version of “Tell Me” shows an intimate set would be fantastic. Also, her only previous tour was being an opening act for 6lack’s “Free 6lack” tour.

Both of her projects “Confidently Lost” and About Time, shows me that I would love to vibe out at an after show starring her.


I know his set is going to be so crowded and full of people who just want to listen to “Location.” But can we have an intimate set with the full album and all his features and moan about exes and star crossed loves?


Special request: Silent disco with Zedd. In air-conditioning. 21+ so know suburban high-school kids tripping on drugs.

Daniel Caesar

I feel like his set will be a very chill vibe, which would be great during the day at Lolla, but also a way to turn down after a long day at the festival.


I think Goldlink would be a great late night set to party to, maybe on a Thursday or earlier in the week while energy is still high.

Lollapalooza Gives Clues To Its 2018 Lineup with Lolla Train


In celebration of Lollapalooza tickets going sale today, there was a Lolla Train going along the Orange line track this afternoon in Chicago. Lollapolooza tweeted that the train might offer clues who will be on this year’s lineup, which has yet to be release. Tweets from Lolla Train riders said artists that were being played included:

Bruno Mars

Cardi B



Playboi Carti


Bebe Rexha

Lil Pump

Quinn XCII

Vampire Weekend

Tyler The Creator

Walk The Moon

Rex Orange County


Portugal. The Man



Pale Waves


Twitter user @nicoleeooo made this playlist below of songs that were played during the train ride.

Does this make you more excited about Lollapalooza? Have you bought tickets yet or waiting for the official lineup?