Gift Guide for the Hip-Hop Head 2015 ($40 and under)

Looking for last minute gifts for the rap lover in your life? These five gifts any rap nerd would appreciate, all for $40 and under.

Sox Hoodie $40 (also available in grey)

Chance The Rapper and The Social Experiment had a big year.  They released the critically acclaimed album “Surf” on iTunes for free, which as iTunes first free album.  They also had one of the best tours of the year with their “Family Matters Tour.”  If you missed any of the sold out tour grab this hoodie on Chance’s site.

The Rap Year Book by Shea Serrano

The ultimate gift for any hip-hop head, Serrano breaks down his pick for top rap song for every year between 1979-2014.  Highlights include original illustrations (their is art work of Drake doing poetry) and a rebuttal for each year, offering a different song that could have been a top song of that year.  I would also suggest going to the store.

Bluetooth Speakers (one shown: Altec Mini H20 Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker )

Bluetooth speakers are essentially for all music lovers. You can amplify your music anywhere, especially when tablet, phone or computer speakers aren’t enough. Any brand or size will do.  What is cool about these speaker above is that it is waterproof and it floats.

Portable charger (one shown: Jackery Charger) 

You burn your phone and tablet battery quickly when listening to music while texting.  With my iPhone 6 ,I noticed that this battery gives at least 2 full charges to my phone.


Probably the best hip-hop film of the year (tied with Straight Outta Compton) this movie about a geek obsessed with 90’s hip hop is full of laughs and social commentary.

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