Columbia House to come back with vinyl records

Remember the Columbia House deal where you get could get 10 CDs for a penny?   It did help me start my CD collection as a little kid though, so I am grateful for that.  However, I hated the year long contract with the company that would send you a CD each month that you had to pay for if you didn’t decline.

The company went bankrupt earlier this year but is now being revived, offering vinyl records instead of CDs.

“You can see a yearning and an interest to try a new format.”

-John Lippman, owner

Vinyl sales are doing well, increasing 52% over the last year.  You can read more about vinyl sales here.

While Lippman wasn’t completely clear on the format of the new Columbia House, he did say it will not be an “a la carte supermarket,” but users will have some control over the choices.

“Our goal is to give consumers the ability to select music that they will love.”

-John Lipmman, owner

Would you guys subscribe to the new Columbia House?

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