[Playlist]-Best Songs of 2015

While many have already posted their favorite songs of 2015, I waited until 2015 had officially concluded. As we saw the last few days of 2015 included new music from the likes of Kanye, The Weeknd and Travis Scott, so I wanted any music that was released in 2015 to have a fair chance.

This playlist includes a lot of new artists like Alessia Cara, Fetty Wap and Bryson Tiller, but also people who have been in the game for a few years, like Drake, Big Sean and Jeremih.

Although I have been listening to The Weeknd for years, he had a huge years with several big songs. I choose The Hills to be on the playlist because it is a very unexpected song to be on top of the Billboard Hot 100.

Listen to the playlist below and tell me some of your favorite songs from 2015.

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