Coachella Producers announces NYC festival Panorama, Governors Ball Responds

Goldenvoice, the producers behind the West Coast festival Coachella, announced a new festival, Panorama, that will take place in New York City on July 22-24 at Randall’s Island Park.  No line up has been announced yet.

Governors Ball, the New York City music festival that has happened annually since 2011, has spoken out against the festival. Governors Ball is happening a few weekends before on June 3-5.

“We’re very confident our lineup and proven track record will draw a great crowd to Governors Ball this year, and our experience with the festival site allows us to put on a great event for music fans. But this is a short-sighted and disappointing solution. The city needs a long-term strategy for approving music festivals that ensures it is maximizing the economic and community impact of these events. Scheduling two same-genre festivals on top of each other like this makes it difficult for either to provide the maximum benefit to its fans, its neighbors and taxpayers.”

-Tom Russell, a representative for Governors Ball — Founders Entertainment to Billboard

Goldenvoice festival producer Mark Shulman responded.

“New York City has 12.5 million residents, plus an enormous number of domestic and international visitors, who keep our many sports arenas, music venues, museums, theaters and restaurants at capacity each night. NYC sustains multiple music festivals and Panorama will add one additional entertainment option over the summer.”

-Mark Shulman to Billboard


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