[Photos] Lukas Graham and Daye Jack at Double Door


Lukas Graham and Daye Jack made their Chicago tour stop at Wicker Park’s Double Door with a sold out show. Daye Jack, a Nigerian rapper who released his debut mix tape “Hello World” from his dorm room at NYU, opened the show with songs from that mix tape and his 2015 EP “Soul Glitch.” Daye Jack had loyal fans at the show, but also won over a new crowd with his socially conscious raps and his music’s production, which is influenced by both soul and electronic music.

Lukas Graham, a band from Denmark fronted by Lukas Graham Forchhammer, are known for their pop-soul music. Their single “7 Years” which broke them into the U.S. scene, has peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The band opened the show with a slow, somber song “Better Than Yourself,” but then built momentum with songs like “Drunk In The Morning” and “Take The World By Storm.” The momentum built led to an all out rager when the band jumped around along with the crowd to “Strip No More.” They closed out the show with “Funeral” where Lukas talks about how he wants his funeral to be a celebration of life. After having the crowd begging them to come back, band came back to play “7 Years” and “Happy Home.”

Lukas teared up at the end of the show, saying that this has been the best night of his life and that Chicago has been the loudest crowd. The show was extra special for him because he has flown his mom out to see the concert, so he smiled with sheepish pride while bowing to the crowd.

Check out pictures and stream both of their albums below.

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Photos by Ariana LaBarrie/Fresh Pair of ii’s


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