President Obama releases Summer ’16 playlist


Presidents: They’re just like us

President Obama (I’m so going to miss saying that) released his second annual summer playlist today.  He announced the release via Twitter, tweeting

“Drop this.” “The Encore.”  Why do you speak so normal, Barry? Why are you so relatable, and now accessible by making this playlist on Spotify? Why are you leaving me (do not blame constitutional reasons Bar). Your excellent music is making this separation even harder.

I believe that Obama made this playlist compared to having a press contact make it, because honestly this is way too, what many press people would carefully say “urban,” to be made in a long think tank meeting.  The song choices are also cohesive enough that it seems like it reflects an actual person’s music taste.

I like that the playlist consists of both older and new music. It also includes deep album cuts and not just singles. But the best part of the playlist is that their is a day and a night version.

The day playlist is full of motivational, upbeat songs. The choice that stood out for me is “So Ambitous” from Jay Z’s “Blueprint 3” from 2009. I know the Obama is a Jay Z fan, so that’s not suprising, but to pick one of the strongest songs from one of his weakest albums was interesting. The song is also pretty unapologetic and doing what you want to do, which with his mic drop this year defintely goes along with that theme.
The night playlist is basically a vibe out playlist. This is my favorite one out of the two.  It features a lot of songs that I love chilling and being in all of my feelings for, such as Janet Jacskon “I get Lonely” and  Mary J. Blige/Method. He choose Chance The Rapper’s “Acid Rain” a deep cut from “Acid Rap,” instead of a super popular track from the just released “Coloring Book”  I also love that he closed out the playlist with Floetry’s “Say Yes” and I bashfully believe that a wink to Michelle.

Listen to the two playlists below.

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