The Weeknd models for H&M Spring 2017 campaign featuring XO clothing


The Weeknd joins the ranks for celebrities like Beyonce and David Beckham by being a spokesmodel for H&M. H&M released a fashion video featuring The Weeknd in spring clothing from the line, that also features items with The Weeknd’s XO logo.

Clothing featuring the XO label is also at a lower price than what is on The Weekend’s online store. For instance, the bomber jacket is $49.99 while at the XO shop, the Camo Coach Jacket is $100.

Currently all the XO stuff is sold out on H&M online, but it is also available at their physical stores.

This isn’t the first time that XO stuff has been available at other retailers.  For the Starboy album release, The Weeknd has Starboy products at Urban Outfitters.


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