[Review] Camila Cabello teases her solo career by being featured on two new singles


Camila Cabello is gearing up for her solo career, with her debut album slated to drop this year, by being featured on two new singles. Camila is paired with some heavy hitters, including Pitbull and Cashmere Cat. One song goes well while another could be better.

“Hey Ma” Pitbull & J Balvin featuring Camila Cabello

“Hey Ma” is from “The Fate of The Furious” and features artists Pitbull and J Balvin. The song definitely has a Latin feel to it; most of the song is in Spanish, including Camila parts. I think this song shows great promise for Camila. The Latin market is major and connecting with those fans in Spanish give her another layer of authenticity that she was missing in Fifth Harmony.

“Love Incredible” Cashmere Cat featuring Camila Cabello

I’m a huge Cashmere Cat fan. I love his songs with Ariana Grande, “Be My Baby” and “Adore.” I feel like his production is incredible.

Camila is the only vocalist on this track, and honestly her voice is disappointing on this song. It is too high pitched, and takes away from the song. Lyrically its good and I do believe Camila sings well, however for this song, her high pitched voice go-to move isn’t right. Camila doesn’t always sings like this, for instance “Hey Ma” doesn’t feature this. The song shows promise because obviously Camila is working with major producers, but vocally, this is a miss.


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