Kendrick Lamar’s April 7th arrives…with a pre-order


The April 7th that Kendrick Lamar mentioned in “The Heart Part IV” has came and went, and instead of the album that people were expecting, a pre-order went up instead.

The information that was listed along with the pre-order included that the album will be 14 tracks and that Humble will be featured on the album. “The Heart Part IV” is not listed and neither is an album title. The album is expected to be released April 14.

While people felt misled for the pre order, Kendrick never said what was going to  happen on April 7th, and I highly doubted it would be a whole album. I’m also not surprised that “The Heart Part IV” is not featured on the album because that felt more like a buzz single.

You can preorder the album here.


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