Preview of Chance The Rapper’s merchandise before Lolla headlining show


Ahead of his headlining show at Lolla, Chance merchandise is now available for purchase at the artist table. With his merchandise front and center, he has the most extensive collection of the artists featured. The collection features apparel from his Be Encouraged Tour and items specifically for is Lolla stop, featuring wording like “Hometown Headliner. “. There is also a hoodie from the “Surf” album.

Prices range from $35-$55. The cheapest item is the dad hat version of the iconic 3 hat. Please do not be that person that wears the dad hat version. It just looks off to me. The New Era version that Chance wears is $50. T-shirts and tank tops are $40 and sweatshirts are $55. I got the black “Courage” hoodie.

Staff is expecting this to sell out quick so grab it asap if you want it.


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