Migos Explains The Difference Dripping and Spilling While Getting Ready For The Grammys With Vogue

Vogue went behind the scenes to see Migos get ready for the Grammys, and we got a lot of insider information about the group.

First and foremost, we got to see Migos without their glasses, which doesn’t happen often.  It was funny to see because when they all where glasses, they look very much alike, but without glasses, they are all different and don’t look that similar.

Migos shared their fashion inspiration being Michael Jackson.  Offset sang some Michael Jackson and his mom said that he has loved Michael since he was a little boy.

Quavo explained the difference between dripping and spilling when it comes to fashion. Dripping means there is a lot going on (adornments, etcetera) and slipping means there is too much going on.

It was great to see the guys lighter side in this video.  Check it out above.



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