Kendrick Lamar and SZA release video for Black Panther’s “All The Stars”

Kendrick and SZA released the first visual for the Black Panther soundtrack.  The video was directed by Dave Myers & the little homies, who have directed all the videos for Kendrick’s Damn. album thus far.

A lot of times when a music video is made for a song from a movie soundtrack, its usually just filled with clips of the movie.  However, Dave Myers & the little homies did not take that shortcut and created a visual that kept with the spirit of Black Panther will its African influences, but still is able to stand as a video on its own.

My favorite scene is the gold room. It definitely plays a trick with the eyes will all the layers, and you aren’t sure what is physical and what is digital.

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 6.33.56 PM.png

If you want to potentially see Kendrick and SZA perform this song together live, check out the tour schedule for TDE’s Championship Tour here.


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