Big Sean Announces “Unfriendly Reminder” Tour Where Fans Can Choose The Setlist


Big Sean announced his new Spring tour called “Unfriendly Reminder.”  The name is fitting since Big Sean is celebrating about a decade in music and throughout his career he is often underrated.  Also, sometimes some of his songs don’t get their due while on tour. This time around, fans get to submit their own setlist for the tour and the songs that get the most votes will be played.  Each city has its own voting system, so because of this, each city could have an entirely different show.

I think this is an incredible idea and I’m surprised that this isn’t more popular for other tours.  Usually during a tour, artists only perform their singles, or just songs of their most recent albums and a lot of B-sides fall by the wayside.  In the voting system, Big Sean included all his albums, mix tapes, and most songs that he is featured on.  You can also write in songs for your vote.

I’ve seen Big Sean live a couple times and know some of his go-to songs to perform live, and some are my favorites, so I included them in my setlist, but I also did include songs from the Detroit mixtape and my favorite songs for The Social Experiment album, Surf, “Wanna Be Cool.”  Also, one of my guests verse “Paper Scissors Rock” from Chris Brown’s album F.A.M.E. was also included. I love the line “we connected, then need space. I swear all love was written in cursive.”

Check out Big Sean’s tour announcement and my setlist below. You can also check out pictures and the setlist from his last Chicago show here.


Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 6.41.26 PM

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