Mariah Carey Promotes Her New Album While Also Giving Her Lambs Throwback Feels


Two Mariah Carey albums are getting a lot of hype lately; her latest album, Caution, which people are calling her strongest work in years, and her 2001 album Glitter. Glitter, which was the soundtrack to the movie of the same name, flopped when it first came out, but the hashtag #JusticeforGlitter has gotten the underrated album back on the charts.

What this has proven is Mimi has a catalog that should be perused again. And luckily, she will make a playlist catered to your taste. Using her chatbot and answering a few multiple choice questions, you get a playlist made for you. I choose “GTFO” “Honey” and “Sassy” and this is the playlist I got.

It always great when artists market their music in fun ways, and this definitely got me more interested in checking out the new music than I was before.


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