Catch Up On Taylor Swift’s Pop Culture Addiction: All The Pins and References From Her EW Interview

Taylor Swift did her first magazine interview in three years, and according to her and EW, it is full of Easter Eggs, including the pins she is wearing on the cover and references in the interview. To catch up on Taylor Swift’s pop culture interests, and perhaps get clues on her upcoming projects, check out the links below.



Selena Gomez


Dixie Chicks

Faith Hill

Troye Sivan



Game of Thrones:
Maisie Williams
Sophie Turner
Emilia Clarke

Law and Order: SVU

Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

Grey’s Anatomy:
Ellen Pompeo
Sandra Oh

Her upcoming movie:


Other pins include:

Nods to “ME!” (“calm” and “awesome” button)

Meredith and Olivia pins that she used to sale online

A palette which is a nod to her love of painting (the paint is in the shape of hearts),

Rainbow Heart

Heart with “You Are My Person” written on it

Track 5

“I Tried” tombstone



King Princess

Lana Del Rey

Tayla Parx

Sally Rooney

Killing Eve



Britney Spears’ Laughter

According to Taylor Swift Style, her jacket is Gucci and you can get her buttons here.

Where to buy Taylor Swift Entertainment Weekly buttons

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