A ‘Victorious’ Reunion Happened on Ariana Grande’s New Album Positions

Ariana Grande new album, Positions, had a ‘Victorious’ reunion. No, not a duet with Victoria Justice. Or a much desired Elizabeth Gilles duet. No, she’s worked with Leon Thomas (Andre on ‘Victorious’) who is a member of the producer duo The Rascals. The Rascals produced and co-wrote “Nasty” and “Safety Net.”

This is the first time they have connected musically together since 2013, when The Rascals produced all of her Christmas EP, Christmas Kisses, and four songs on her debut album, Yours Truly.

This was a much-needed reunion. Ariana Grande was the first artist to release music that The Rascals produced and while both of the careers have grown exponentially since 2013, it was great to see what they could make together again.

Check out Ariana Grande and The Rascals’ collaborations on the playlist below.

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