The Weeknd Is Headlining Super Bowl LV: Here Is a Dream Setlist

The Weeknd is headlining the Super Bowl LV half time show on Sunday, Feb. 7, 2021. This is a bit of a surprising choice since his music wouldn’t be described as “family-friendly.” One of his biggest songs, “Can’t Feel My Face.” is literally about his love of cocaine. However, you can’t deny he has hits and one of the biggest artists in the world. Check out my playlist below for my dream setlist (in no particular order).

“Crew Love” is an essential song for ANY The Weeknd concert. The pulsing opening beat would also be a great fireworks/pyrotechnic moment. Of course, you can grove to “I Feel It Coming” and “In Your Eyes.” As someone who has attended several The Weeknd concerts, “Often” is such a banger. His mainstream breakout hit “Earned It” should be on the setlist as well.

While I’m not sure how he going to incorporate his music into this family-friendly show, I’m still very excited about it. If all else fails he can perform his song from ‘American Dad,’ “I’m a Virgin.”

Update 2/7/21: You can see the songs that he did perform here.

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