Aly & AJ Explicit Version of “Potential Breakup Song” Shows They’ve Always Been Beyond Their Years

Aly & AJ finally released an explicit version of “Potential Breakup Song” with the lyrics that we’ve been singing to ourselves for years. Even when it was playing in between Disney Channel shows, this song was always a mature jam and now has the lyrics to match.

Disney Channel is known for having their stars sign to Hollywood Records. The songs can sometimes be awkward and generic, but of course, there were some hits, like Selena Gomez’s “Love You Like A Love Song.” Aly & AJ always had great, original songs that they wrote themselves. What also made them stand out is that they also played their instruments. And while “Potential Break Song” is probably their biggest song, they had a lot of bangers. Check out some of their hits below:

“Like Whoa”

I have to admit, I didn’t love this song when it first came out. But in retrospect, it a bop and a fun song that fits their aesthetic. Aly & AJ were always great about explaining emotions so vividly and intensely. Being in a new relationship is intense, white knuckle, loud, and…like whoa.


My favorite song other than “Potential Breakup Song.” Theme wise this your typical Disney Channel commercial break song: “Be yourself.” But as always, Aly & AJ’s analogies, and even this music video, really separated them from other Disney stars.

“No One”

This was from the movie “Ice Princess.” The song might sound melancholy, but it’s motivating and about self-love. I feel like I appreciate this song more as an adult, but love that this song is a message for younger kids.

“Chemicals React”

Their writing…amazing. Remember teenagers wrote this song. Just the intensity and energy behind this song. and the synergy between these two. Chef kiss. Perfect.

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