[Interview] Detroit Rapper Yung Quis Talks About His Music Process and His New Single With Jeezy

Photo courtesy of Yung Quis

There are no days off for Detroit rapper Yung Quis. After releasing a slew of music videos in 2019, he didn’t slow down in 2020. He buckled down in his home studio and kept recording, working on his new album King of Detroit. I talked to Yung Quis and he spoke on his new single with Jeezy, “RAP,” his favorite era of rap, and why he thinks he’s destined to be in this game.

On Growing up With Music:

“In my household (growing up) we always had music for whatever mood we were in. When we had good times we play some Al Green, but when we had bad times, we would play Tupac. Everything had a mood and it helped. It helped me because I started writing.”

On Why Did He Start Rapping:

“I felt like it as a way to vent for me; A diary so to speak. When I was little I would rap about what I was going through to help the time pass by”

On Who He Would Like to Work With:

Nas and Jay Z. “They’re my two favorite artists and I’ve been emulating what they’ve done since ’93 and ’96 when they hit the scene. I’ve emulated what they’ve done since I was a child and I would want to let them know that.”

On His Favorite Era of Rap:

“My favorite era of music is 90s rap: the DMX days and when music was real. That’s kind of the vibe that my music has for sure: the harsh reality rap.”

On Working with Jeezy:

“It was very cool. I’ve been a fan of his for 15 years as well so it was really good to meet him, and find out that he was a good person and not just made good music.”

On How He Writes Music:

“I don’t write without a beat. I always have a beat. Sometimes I may jot something that comes to mind or I’ll go just go to the booth and freestyle. But I always start with a beat and that tells me what to do.”

Why He Thinks He Is Destined To Rap:

“Music was the only thing that made me happy. When I was struggling or when I was in a good space, the only thing that genuinely gave me happiness or what I enjoyed doing was music. No amount of money ever changed that. At my most broke and at my richest days, the only thing I wanted to do was music. This is the only thing I’ve ever cared about.”

Why He Named His New Album King of Detroit:

“Just to make a statement. nobody has done what I’ve done in my city, for my city, or musically can do for what I can do for my city. I wasn’t challenging anyone, just making a statement.”


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