Kehlani Mixes the Masculine and Feminine During Her Virtual Concert for ‘It Was Good Until It Wasn’t’

Photo credit: @Kehlani/Twitter

Kehlani celebrated the first anniversary of her album It Was Good Until It Wasn’t by performing the album for the first time in its entirety. With an album that was released during the beginning of the pandemic and most of the videos were recorded during quarantine, it was fitting that the first concert for this album would be virtual.

For her performance look, Kehlani mixed the masculine with the feminine, a combination that she is known for. She paired a blazer and pants with a turtleneck dress with a high slit. She finished off the look with a pair of black sneakers.

She started up the show with the opening track to the album, “Toxic.” While it looked like the setlist was going to follow the track list of the album closely, after “Hate The Club” performed with Masego, Kehlani started singing hits that weren’t on the album, including “Honey ” and “Nights Like This.” The highlight of the night was the mashup of “Distraction” and “The Way.”

After returning to the album, Kehlani finished the show with “Water.” With her smooth dance moves and vocals, Kehlani proved that even with a pandemic, there have been no days off.

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