[Review] ‘The Morning Show’ Returns for Season 2 to Battle a New Monster: The Year 2020

Photo courtesy of Apple TV+

The Morning Show was one of the few shows that were available when Apple TV + launched in November 2019. Now, almost two years later, the critically acclaimed show returns.

The second season starts right when season one left off, with Alex and Bradley locking themselves in Alex’s dressing room to discuss what they should do after airing out all of UBA’s dirty laundry on live TV.

The show then skips ahead a few months to the end of December 2019. Bradley, now with blonde hair but missing her signature southern accent, is singing and dancing on air with The Morning Show’s latest addition, Eric. Bradley is more willing to play the “American Sweetheart” game for a promotion to the more serious evening news. Alex is currently writing her autobiography while considering what her next move will be in her career.

During New Year’s Eve 2019, secrets are revealed and new alliances are formed, setting The Morning Show up for a tumultuous 2020. The show ends with a sneeze after the ball drops, and watching this in 2021 and knowing what’s to come, it’s a bit eerie and haunting.

The premiere episode was a great kick start to the season and its looks like The Morning Show won’t be skipping over many of the events that defined the past year and a half, including the pandemic. What is to be desired is more of an update about the talent and crew of The Morning Show. Several people are missing, and their names are only mentioned in passing. However, The Morning Show is known for its surprises sure I’m sure these ghosts from the past will pop up.

New episodes of The Morning Show are available every Friday on Apple TV+.


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