How the Sex and the City Reboot, and Just Like That, Changed Which Character I Relate To

Photo: HBO Max

Which Sex And The City character are you?

That was the question everyone asked during Sex and The City original run. I binged watched all of Sex and The City my senior year of high school after it was already off the air. The summer before my senior year, I went to NYC for the first time and was considering going moving there for college. Missing the city, I watched a few episodes and become addicted. Like many women before me, I decided which one of the four women I was. I whole hardly believed I was a Charlotte. Traditional, proper, I know I would be married with kids and wearing my preppy outfits while living in the city by the time I was Charlotte’s age. It was my goal, my destiny.

Fast forward 17 years and I’m not Charlotte…at all. But Charlotte in the new series And Just Like That isn’t Charlotte anymore. None of the characters are stuck in the rigid boxes and labels they were prescribed in the first series. Yes, Charlotte is still a perfectionist who loves a good dinner party, but shes’ more open-minded and willing to stand up for herself.

Having a social calendar like Charlotte’s would be a nightmare to me. I don’t have a husband or kids yet. Surprisingly, this time around, I relate more to Carrie. Back in the day, I thought Carrie was a hot mess with no direction. She had a creative job and wore whatever she wanted no matter what the occasion. But after all these years, after growing and evolving, Carrie and I are a lot alike. I have a creative job, hate making plans, and wear whatever I want when I want. While she was an emotional wreck in the past, she now handles whatever comes her way with grace with still being true to herself. She doesn’t do what is expected, but she also isn’t a rebel without a cause. She’s a woman that is truly comfortable with herself, qualities I love that I’m developing.

And just like that, I realized having a Carrie poster in my college dorm may have been a prophecy…I would still totally trade Charlotte’s closet though.