[Review] Servant Season 3 Continues to Pile on the Questions for the Apple TV + Show

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Streaming television shows are known to be drawn out. Not restricted to the normal time limits of shows are traditional networks, streaming shows usually clock in at about an hour. M. Night Shyamalan has taken a different approach with his Apple TV + series Servant, with shows being around 30 minutes. There is no filler here, each episode serves a point…to further confuse the viewer.

Season three opens with Leanne as paranoid as ever. She’s constantly checking if someone, is coming, specifically members of her former church (umm…cult?) and is failing to bring moths back to life. The rest of the family doesn’t seem to have a worry in the world. Julian is back from rehab and has a new girlfriend. Sean and Dorthy are enjoying time with Jericho. The family invites Leanne out for a beach day to help her get over the fear of leaving the house. Declining, Leanne happens to be in the house during a break-in and is confused whether is members of the church trying to get her or just a random incident.

In its third season, Servant continues to be creepy and make you second guess every character, their intention, and their reality. Season four has been confirmed as the show’s final season and with the question piling up, it is intriguing to see the second half of the story unfold.

Servant is now streaming on Apple TV +.

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