[Interviews] Five Days at Memorial Cornelius Smith Jr., Adepero Oduye, Julie Anne Emery, and Robert Pine Reflect on Katrina and How They Hope the Show Inspires Change

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Five Days at Memorial, based on the book of the same name by Sheri Fink, is an Apple miniseries about what happened at Memorial Hospital during Hurricane Katrina and the aftermath of those events.

I talked to Cornelius Smith Jr (Dr. Bryant King) about his character’s mindset and learning new things he didn’t know about Katrina.

Adepero Oduye (Karen) reflects on her Katrina experience, her character’s mindset, and how this story is still relevant.

Robert Pine shares reflect on his experience during Hurricane Katrina, wanting to be a doctor in the past, and what he found most shocking about Katrina.

I talked to Julie Anne Emery (Diane) about where she was during Katrina, new information she learned about the tragic event, parallels between Katrina and COVID, and how she wants the show to be a conversation piece leading to change.

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