[Interviews] Step Up’s Jade Chynoweth, Rebbi Rosie, Terayle Hill, Terrence Green, Kendra Willis and Creator Holly Sorensen and Choreographer Jamaica Craft Talk Characters’ Relationships, Tour Productions and Sexy Scenes

Photo: Starz

Step Up, the TV series based on the film franchise is back on Starz after over three years off the air. Starring Ne-Yo (Sage Odom), Christina Milian (Collette Jones), Rebbi Rosie (Angel Etomi), Jade Chynoweth (Odalie Allen), Terayle Hill (Marquise Howard), Terrence Green (Rigo Octavio), Kendra Willis (Poppy Martinez), Tal (Keiynan Lonsdale), Davis (Carlito Olivero), & Holly Sorensen (Creator/Executive Producer) and Jamaica Craft (Producer and Choreographer) behind the scenes.

I talked to Jade Chynoweth (Odalie Allen) and Rebbi Rosie (Angel Etomi) about their characters’ relationship, the show’s larger-than-life tour productions, and which song they would love to dance together to.

I talked to Terayle Hill (Marquise Howard), Terrence Green (Rigo Octavio), and Kendra Willis (Poppy Martinez) about everyone having a say in Rigo’s career, creating a fictional tour production, and shooting those sexy scenes.

I talked to creator and executive producer Holly Sorensen and producer and choreographer Jamaica Craft about being back after three years, the huge tour production, and their favorite dance number.

Season 3 of Step Up premieres October 16th on Starz.