[SXSW] “Swarm” Makes You Rethink the Answer To The Question “Who’s Your Favorite Artist?”

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In 2000, Eminem released the song and video for “Stan.” Stan, and Eminem fan played by Devon Sawa, goes above and beyond for his love and dedication to Eminem, eventually leading to murder. The term Stan is now used to describe a super fan, and with social media, it’s easier for these fans to swarm together, and attack any of those who try to hurt their king or queen.

Swarm opens up each episode explaining nothing is coincidental and similarities are on purpose. Which basically means that the show is a satirical look at Beyoncé’s stans. Known as the Bey-Hive, literally, the sound of a swarm of bees soundtracks the back of the show.

Dre, a member of N’ijah’s (an artist based on Beyoncé) Swarm will do anything for her goddess, including people who talk trash about her online. Her calling card is asking someone who their favorite artist is before killing them. The only correct answer is N’ijah, and she’ll do anything to meet her and become the friends she knows they are meant to be.

The show features a lot of call-back to crazy Beyoncé events, including her being bit and the elevator debacle. The show starts off a bit slow, however, the humor that Donald Glover is known for does pop up later in the show.

Dominique Fishback gives a strong, eerie performance as Dre, the girl that a former classmate calls strange and someone who carried a wheelie backpack for too long. That just scratches the surface of describing the complex, yet single-minded character that Dre is.

“Swarm” is a nice new addition to the Donald Glover TV universe that shows he has a unique point of view when looking at the world.

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