[SXSW] JVKE Shines During Golden Hour at the Bose X NME C23 Show

Photos: Ariana LaBarrie/fresh pair of iis

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Previously, golden hour was known as the best time to take selfies, the time when the sun is going down and the light is soft and red. However, JVKE redefined golden hour with his TikTok viral hit of the same name as the moment you fall in love. It only made sense that the king of golden lighting played during that illuminating time during the Boss X NME C23 event.

JVKE set was a mock-up of his bedroom, where he does most of his songwriting. He performed some of his songs on his bed in pajamas and socks, making the show seem intimate even though he was performing in front of a large crowd with even more waiting outside to get in.

The rest of the showcase was pushed back indefinitely due to inclement weather, eventually resuming hours later with acts like Flo Milli and 070 Shake. It was awesome that JVKE got his moment in the sun.

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