WYOS: The New Personal Care Brand That Allows You to Write Your Own Story Anywhere With Their TSA-Friendly Products

Photos: WYOS

While traveling is always exciting, sometimes the biggest headache is figuring out how you’re going to take all your personal care essentials. Shampoo, lotion, face cleansers, shaving cream, and masks are must-haves, but figuring out how to get them to your new location without having to transfer them into small bottles or worse, them exploding in your bag, can take some out of the excitement out of your next trip.

WYOS (write your own story), the new personal care brand features TSA-friendly products that come in stick form, allowing you to bring all your beauty essentials while traveling that you can throw in your carry-on bag. The stick formula also allows means you to waste less product and they’re mess-free. The personal care products range from $16-$20. Check out my unboxing of the new brand below.

Get The Go Bag

THE GO BAG $155 (value $205)

The Clean Sweep: Gentle Face Cleanser Stick

The Shining Star: All Over Moisturizer Stick

The Big Reveal: Purifying Mask Stick

The Disappearing Act: Shaving Suds Stick

The Mane Event: Daily Shampoo Stick

Weekend Bag

Toiletry Kit

Luggage Tag