[Interviews] Dead Ringers’ Britne Oldford and Poppy Liu Talk Psychological Thriller and Rachel Weisz Playing Twins

Photo: Prime Video

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Dead Ringers, the new Prime Video mini-series reimagines the 1988 psychological thriller. This time, Elliot and Beverly are women. Both are played by Rachel Weisz, Beverly is the calmer twin and Elliot is the no-hold bar leader in the duo. On a mission to redefine the birthing industry, their tight twin bond is jeopardized when Genevieve enters their lives.

I talked to Britne Oldford (Umbrella Academy), who plays Genevieve, about why her character is willing to stand up to Elliot, her connection with Beverly, and shooting a show-within-a-show.

I talked to Poppy Lui (Hacks, iCarly), who plays Greta, about being a doula, her interest in the birthing process, why Greta is more connected to Elliot, and what it was like to work with Rachel Weisz, who was playing twins.

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