[Interviews] Single Drunk Female’s Sasha Compere, Garrick Bernard, Lily Mae Harrington & Ian Gomez Talk Characters’ Evolution

Photo: Freeform

Single Drunk Female is back with a new season. Set about six months after the first season finale, we see Sam at almost two years sober with a new job, new love interests, and the new problems that come with putting her sobriety first.

I talked to Sasha Compere, who plays Brit, Garrick Bernard, who plays James, Lily Mae Harrington, who plays Felicia about their character’s evolution this season, their relationship with Sam, what is their higher power, and which The Breakfast Club characters they relate to.

I talked to Ian Gomez, who plays Sam’s mom’s boyfriend Bob, about the evolution of his character, Bob standing up to Carol, his relationship with Sam, and choosing happiness.

Single Drunk Female is on Wednesdays on Freeform and the entire season 2 is now streaming on Hulu.