[SXSW] [Interviews] Americana’s Stars Paul Water Hauser, Zahn McClarnon, Simon Rex, Cast and Director Tony Tost Talk Modern Day Western at SXSW Premiere

Photo: Ariana LaBarrie/freshpairofiis

Americana, the debut from writer and director Tony Tost, is a modern-day Western about a group of people on a hot pursuit of stolen artifacts which features the acting debut of artist Halsey, had its world premiere at SXSW. Check out my interviews with the star-studded cast on the red carpet below.

Paul Water Hauser, who plays Lefty Ledbetter, talks about how his more like Dennis Rodman than Michael Jordan and how he approaches acting.

I talked to Zahn McClarnon (Reservation Dogs), who plays Ghost Face about native representation in Westerns, helping with dialogue for this movie and his favorite aspect of his character.

Simon Rex, who plays Roy Lee Dean, talks about playing a scum bag, Sydney Sweeney being the mature one on set while he and Paul Walter Hauser clowned around, and what’s it like being interviewed after his MTV VJ days.

Rhiannon Frazier, who plays Abigal Starr, talks about her favorite scene to shoot, what characteristic she loves about her character, and shooting a modern-day Western.

I talked to Megan Hensley, who plays Sarah, about premiering this mysterious film, what she learned while filming, and if she would be friends with her character.

Jasper Keen talks about his character Reggie Dale and what’s it like to play a villain.

Americana writer and director Tony Tost talks about having an all-star ensemble cast in his debut film, not knowing Halsey was interested in acting, and advice for up-and-coming filmmakers.

Matthew Hearon-Smith, the music supervisor for the film, talks about creating the soundscape for the film, mixing modern and classic country music, and being influenced by Halsey’s character Mandy.