Finally! A Foundation That Doesn’t Cause Acne

Sometimes wearing face makeup feels like being in a never-ending cycle. You wear makeup, it causes acne and then you have to continue to wear the makeup to cover up the acne. I deal with post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, meaning when I get a pimple, it often leaves a dark mark that takes months to fade away. I’m super conscious of what I put on my face and tend to avoid a lot of makeup because of it.

However, with Saie Glowy Super Skin Lightweight Hydrobounce Serum Foundation, I don’t run into those problems. As the brand describes it, it’s 85 percent skincare serum and 15 percent weightless pigment. Which is great since I hate the feeling of makeup. It was very hydrating and didn’t cause any acne. I also love how it comes in a range of colors. As a Black woman, it’s often hard to find my correct shade, but with 36 shades I definitely found one that matched my skin.

Their brand is also transparent on why they used their packaging. Instead of “green-washing” like some brands have done to seem sustainable, Saie is transparent about why they choose materials and how to recycle them properly. It’s also not tested on animals, which you would think would be an industry standard by now, but it’s not.

Saie is available at Sephora and their website here. Saie is available at Sephora and their website here.