Fifth Harmony performs live as a quartet for the first time

Fifth Harmony performed live for the first time as a quartet at the People’s Choice Awards, and they made sure to make a statement. Saying the first line on “Work From Home,” that was originally Camila’s part, the group changed the line and collectively said “We ain’t worried about nothin’, we ain’t worried about nada,” declaring that they aren’t worried about doing this without Camila. Lauren, which fans often complain about not having enough solo, sang the rest of Camila’s part.

I thought that this was the a great way to reintroduce themselves. Them dancing alone in separate cubes really highlighted their individual skills, and I also like they put each person’s name on the screen when they were singing. Being in a group, sometimes a casual listeners doesn’t know your name.

I’m not too worried about Fifth Harmony’s future at all.

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