People Have A Soft Spot For Taylor Swift’s Track 5s, But Track 2 Always Slaps


Photo by Ariana LaBarrie/fresh pair of iis

One of Taylor Swift’s trademarks is her “Track 5,” which is usually her most vulnerable track on her album. Some notable Track 5s in the past are “All Too Well” (Red) “Delicate” (reputation) and most recently “The Archer” off Lover.

Well I do love a good track 5, with “Delicate” being astand out, Track 2 on her albums tends to be my favorite. Track 2 is always straight up flames to me.  Its like after preparing the listener with the first track, she takes the gloves off and really kicks off the vibe and intention of the album.

And it is not just me who loves Track 2, many of her most popular singles are actually Track 2 on her album. Some songs that are track two are “Blank Space” (1989), “Fifteen” (Fearless) and one of the standout songs that everyone is talking about on Lover, “Cruel Summer.”

Taylor isn’t the only artist who does this. For instance, Drake’s Track 2 tends to be singular as well, such as “Karaoke” (Thank Me Later) “Shot For Me” (Take Care) and even most recently “Nonstop” (Scorpion Side A) and “Summer Games” (Scorpion Side B).

So while I jam out to “Cruel Summer” and “Summer Games” (is terrible love in the summer a music theme?) you can play all of Taylor’s Track 2s at the playlist below. Have you noticed the trend with Track 2s as well?


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