Banks Brings Her III Tour To Chicago


Photos by Ariana LaBarrie/fresh pair of iis

A few months after headlining a House of Vans House Party (which you can read about here), Banks came back to Chicago with her III tour. With her moody, witchy aesthetic, Banks brought the vibes and sounds of the III album to the Rivera Theatre.

Banks was accompanied by her two look-alike dancers to perform songs of the most popular songs off III, including “Stroke,” “Contaminated” and “Alaska.” And while this tour was in support of this album, she performed songs from her entire catalog, including “Waiting Game” and “Fuck With Myself.”


While Banks sang and danced consistently throughout her hour and a half set, she did take a moment to be more vulnerable and read a poem she wrote “Ode To the Grey Zone”


Overall it was a fun, high energy show that was capped off with her running into the crowd singing “Beggin’ For Thread.” And time goes on and she continues to make music and art, Banks shows she’s an artist that should be a topic of conversation.

Check out the setlist below and her upcoming tour stops here.


  1. Till Now
  2. Underdog
  3. Stroke
  4. Drowning
  5. Waiting Game
  6. Contaminated
  7. Hawaiian Mazes
  8. Alaska
  9. Propaganda
  10. Poltergeist
  11. Fuck With Myself
  12. Sawzall
  13. Better
  14. Gemini Feed
  15. Godless
  16. The Fall
  17. Gimme


  18. Look What You’re Doing to Me
  19. Beggin for Thread

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