[Interviews] Night Court’s Lacretta and Kapil Talwakar Talks Crazy Cases, Old-School Sitcoms, Working With John Larroquette

Photos: NBC

Night Court, the sitcom from the 80s and 90s is back. This time around, Judge Stone’s daughter, Abby (Big Bang Theory’s Melissa Rauch, is now ruling the court and handling all its crazy cases.

I talked to Lacretta, who plays bailiff Donna Gurgs, about what it’s like to shoot an old-school sitcom, showcasing different perspectives on the justice system, Night Court’s craziest cases, and working with original cast member John Larroquette.

I talked to Kapil Talwakar (Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist), who plays the night clerk Neil, about how his love for sitcoms got him into acting, his character’s feelings for Abby, how Neil is a younger version of him, advice he got from John Larroquette, and why he would like to play a character like Dan Fielding in 40 years.

Night Court premieres Tuesday, January 17th on NBC.