Evil Jinx returns to share our hatred of underground artists going mainstream

After complaining about album reviews , Evil Jinx is back to complain about a situation that all music lovers go through, when your favorite artist achieves mainstream success.  You have mixed feelings. Like Good Jinx, you are happy that an artist that you supported through the come up is becoming successful. Its always great to see people getting money for doing something they love. But like Evil Jinx, you hate how everyone is into the artist now while you been in it from the beginning.

While of course you want credit for being in it from the start, the biggest problem with someone going mainstream is the change in sound. A lot of times to go mainstream, you have to change you sound to have a more “pop” sound. Sometimes artists even dumb down the lyrics a bit. The experimentation is sound can be good.  Sometimes you can even keep your essence and sound like Kendrick Lamar has. However, this emotion, I think you should be open to all music from an artist you like and ignore public opinion.

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