All the Drake Lyrics That Were Said During Season 1 of Insecure

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The pilot episode of HBO features Daniel saying “every black girl that went to college likes Drake” with Issa says “he just really gets us!”  The Insecure writers must have thought that Drake really got the show as well, since his lyrics are featured in dialogue in each episode. Check out below for each Drake quote from Episode 2-8.

Episode 2


“Nails done, hair done, everything did” – “Fancy”

Episode 3


“Very important and very pretentious” -“Back 2 Back”

Episode 4


“Watch you do work while I’ll sit back” -“Faithful”

Episode 5


“Now you tryna to make me feel a way on purpose”  -“Feel No Ways”

Episode 6


“I’m searching for these words to say to you” -“Redemption”

Episode 7


“…and really I think I like who I’m becoming” -“Crew Love”

Episode 8


“Turn my birthday into a lifestyle” -“Pop Style”

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